Road Brew

If there is one thing more important to the road weary traveler then fuel, its coffee. This dark liquid is the fire that fuels the dreaded unzipping of a warm sleeping bag, or the  shivering wait of a cold engine to warm up. It may seem pretty simple to make a batch of this brew but the connoisseur knows the art and difference between a lazy gas station fill and go and the perfectly brewed and balanced mug of roadside coffee. Now there is almost a endless supply of gadgets that Grind, boil, bubble, and brew the good stuff, but i have my core setup and can whip out a steamy mug in almost any situation.

The list is as follows:

  • GSI Java press 
  • Aeropress  
  • GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip
  • gsi stainless mini expresso
  • gsi backpacker mug
  • sea to summit x-cup
  • primus kettle
  • jetboil flash
  • biolite
  • propane rv stove
  • assorted grinders from backpacking models to antique models
  • Local Coffee

Support local coffee roasters wherever you find may yourself !