West Virginia

After a somewhat eventful last two days we have arrived in West Virginia. The first leg from NJ down to Charlottesville we had perfect weather, not a drop of rain and got a good bunch of miles behind us. The van starting running rough halfway into the trip and that feeling of impending doom starting filling my soul. Luckily on one big hill I smashed the gas down to make the incline and POP, the van was back to her old self. It looked like I was running on only 7 cylinders for most of the way thanks to a piece of carbon or something, and that heavy push of the gas pedal expelled it and she lit right back up. We spent the night outside of Shenandoah NP and deciding to stay holed up there another day and let some of the heavy rain pass that was moving thru the area. After a day bottled up in the van watching rain drops fall we were off to the west, the van chugged like the little engine that could up those rolling WV hills, up and up we rolled at a astounding 45mph. Now we sit in a small town for the rest of the day drinking coffee, tomorrow its a couple more miles to our destination, the banks of the New River.

VA/WV State Line