Base Camp West Virginia

Base Camp West Virginia acquired, working as adventure guides for the summer and all set to settle in to these dense rich forests. Besides a supposed normal spring here which consists of daily rain and more mud then one can imagine, all things are going great. The small piece of land that's my home for the summer is slowly starting to feel like home. From scrounging up old wood boards in the woods for drying racks and water drainage to tying up tarps and lines to stay dry and keep clothes comfortably dry, there's always something that needs to be built and the forest here contains everything you need.Besides a ten minute walk to the well for water or bathrooms, everything is just how I like it, simple. My morning commute is a 1.3 mile hike through dense oak and rhododendron groves, how can one complain about that. Only a couple more days of training and I can check out and start working, with barely any use for money here saving shouldn't be a issue. Hopefully if the quest for good wifi is successful I will be uploading some videos of my job and the basecamp soon!